Canceled Seminar Explanation

We apologize for the cancelation of the Go Mentor Youth Seminar that was to be held today at the DC Dream Center.  Everything was set to go, until our flight from Los Angeles was canceled due to a pilot not being able to make it in to fly the plane.  They could have booked us on a flight this morning, but it would not have arrived in time for the seminar.

We were going to share about our mentoring resources and how to use them.  It is not the same as a seminar with us explaining and demonstrating, but you can still access these resources for enhancing your mentoring or for starting a mentoring program or for mentoring the youth in your circle of influence (outside of a program).

Please click on the topics below for accessing these resources:

Mentoring App

Hip-Hop Music for Mentoring Conversation Starters

Website-Based Mentoring Conversation Tool

27 Mentoring Sessions

Mentor's Training Manual for Adults

Mentor's Training Manual for Peer Mentors

Program Coordinator's Manual

(guidance for starting and operating a mentoring program)

Again, we apologize.  Feel free to contact me at to receive some consultation for starting or enhancing your mentoring of urban youth.

We Apologize

for the Cancelation

Of The

Go Mentor Youth


To Be Held

At The DC Dream Center

on Febraury 22.