Finish Strong


Click on the green circle to watch the video with your mentee(s). Then scroll down for the discussion questions.

1) How did Desean Jackson not finish?  What was the result?

2) When do you feel like quitting before you finish?


3) If you were running a race and you were in the lead, would you quit 10 yards from the finish line? Why?


4) If you were running a race and you were in last place, would you quit before you crossed the finish line? Why?


5) Have you ever been on a team that was losing really badly?  Did you give up and quit before the end of the game?  Why or why not?


6) What does it mean to finish strong?


7) How can you finish strong in school or when you are working on something? 


8) Why is it important for us to give our best even as we are coming to the end of something?

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