Teen moms get high school diplomas

Watch the video below with a youth(s), then use the questions below to have a mentoring conversation with them.


  1.     What was Marshay and Ivory able to accomplish even though they were teen mothers?
  2.     Why were they determined to graduate high school?
  3.     How will this accomplishment help their children in the long run?
  4.     Do you think they also should get a college degree? Why or why not?
  5.     What are the words of encouragement that Marshay shares at the end of the video?  (You can do it, no matter how hard…, you can do it.)
  6.     How will you apply Marshay’s words of encouragement in your life?
  7.     Why is education a key to having a good future for you and your children?
  8.     Can you inspire others like Marshay and Ivory? How?

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