Homeless to harvard

  • Mentoring Conversation Instructions:

    1. Click on the blue circle to show video to your mentee(s).

    2. After watching the video with your mentee(s), ask these questions to engage the young person(s) in a mentoring conversation with you:

    a) What was life like for Dawn when she was living with her grandmother?


    b) How was she treated in school?


    c) How far behind was Dawn in school when she got to high school?  What did she do to catch up?


    d) What motivated Dawn to succeed in school?


    e) What college will Dawn attend?


    f) How does her example inspire you?


    g) What do you have to overcome to succeed?

    3. After the mentoring conversation, click on the red link to fill out and submit the survey form: Survey Link. Please do this to help us know how this material is being used. It is quick and easy. Thanks!