• Mentoring Conversation Instructions:

    1. Click on the green circle and watch the video with your mentee(s).

    2.  After watching the video with your mentee(s), ask these questions to engage the young person(s) in a mentoring conversation with you:

    a) What are some of the ways the person in the song is getting bullied?


    b) How is this person affected by the bullying?


    c) Have you seen someone get bullied? How did they get bullied?


    d) Have you ever bullied someone?  How?  Why?


    e) Have you been the victim of bullying in any way? How did you get bullied? How did you feel? What did you do?

    f) What should you do if you are bullied?


    g) What kind of bullying goes on, on the Internet?


    h) What will you do to help reduce bullying wherever you see it, and to be a support to those getting bullied? 

    j) Do Christians suffer bullying for being Christians?  What does the Bible say Christians should do? Read and discuss Matthew 5:11-12 and Matthew 5:44.

    k) Have you received Jesus as your Lord and Savior?

    3. After the mentoring conversation, click on the red link to fill out and submit the survey form: Survey Link. Please do this to help us know how this material is being used. It is quick and easy. Thanks!