The vision of Elevate Your G.A.M.E. is to "SPARK A MOVEMENT OF MENTORING"  through THE CHURCH, that spreads into every urban community in America.

We have begun our GO MENTOR YOUTH SEMINARS which is a FREE TRAINING GATHERING for LEADERS OF YOUTH ORGANIZATIONS and YOUTH MINISTERS/PASTORS in urban cities who have a heart for reaching their local urban youth, schools and communities at a higher level. We will speak to how you can best utilize mentoring in your work with youth and how you can double the amount of youth you are currently impacting.

You can start the process of joining this current "movement of mentoring" by sending us an email or connecting with us by phone and simply saying, "I want to be a part of The Movement". 

Email Us at info@elevateyourgame.org


Call Us at (310) 780-4263

seminar hostS

These organizations and churches hosted our Go Mentor Youth Seminar in February, 2019.

If you would like to host one of our workshops and are capable of inviting leaders of other youth organizations and youth ministers/pastors to attend contact us today.