Summer internship program

Congratulations students on being apart of our Summer Internship Program.

THE BENEFITS: (In the Words of an Intern)

"I have learned so much while working in the law office. I have learned that my grades in school will help me excel in life. The fact that I was able to wake up and go to work every day shows that I have become more mature and reliable. I have become more empowered by the experiences that I have had. This program has empowered me to become a positive person and to help others with the same or similar difficulties that I, myself, have experienced."


•Duration: Three weeks/9 days/52 hrs.

•Schedule: The work week is three days (Tuesday through Thursday). Friday is the day that interns meet for debriefing. The hours of the work day are 9am to 4pm (recommended).

•Training: Training sessions are held prior to the first work week to prepare the students. Students are guided through lesson plans that engage the interns in discussing issues dealing with work-place expectations.

•Conclusion: At the end of the last week, our Summer Internship Celebration is held to acknowledge the interns’ completion of the program and to recap what they have learned. And yes, this is when and where you will get your stipend ($350).