Children Break Down Racial Barriers

Watch the video below with a youth(s), then use the questions below to have a mentoring conversation with them.


  1. Why do Jia and Zuri say they are twins?
  2. Their mothers are happy about this but concerned at the same time.  Why?
  3. Why is it so nice to see this white and black girl being such close friends?
  4. Do you have a friend of another race?  Why or why not?
  5. Do you eat lunch with classmates of other races? Why or why not?
  6. What do you think of interracial dating?      
  7. Would you consider dating someone outside your race? Why or why not?
  8. How would your parents and family react if you dated someone of a different race?
  9. How can you help break down the racial barriers that exist in our society?