Never give up - inspirational story

Watch the video below with a youth(s), then use the questions below to have a mentoring conversation with them.


  1.     How bad of shape was Arthur in?  Why?
  2.     What did the doctors tell him?
  3.     What did he start doing to change his condition?
  4.     Did he get back in shape overnight?  How hard was it?
  5.     How much weight did he lose and how long did it take?
  6.     How does Arthur’s story inspire you?
  7.     What are you struggling with in your life (bad habit, hard class, lack of confidence, fear of something, etc.)?
  8.     What do you need to do to start changing this condition?
  9.     Will you change overnight?  
  10.     So what will you have to keep doing to see progress?